Racing cars with the power of your mind


Wireless headset reads your brainwaves


Concentration is turned into acceleration


Up to three players race against each other


Player with most laps in two minutes wins!

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The game is simple, the experience unique


Mind Racing allows up to three players to race cars around a track using nothing more than the power of their mind. Wearing a simple wireless headset, the game detects your brainwave patterns and determines your level of concentration. The harder you concentrate, the faster your car goes! Players have two minutes per race, with the winner being decided by the highest number of laps.

Attract attention and engage your audience


Whether you're organising a corporate function, designing a trade stand for an exhibition, or delivering a brand experience - your aim will be to attract and engage your audience. Mind Racing was developed to be the perfect tool for gathering and captivating a crowd, using a surprising blend of traditional and next generation technologies to intrigue and entertain.


Customisation and branding options


Everything about Mind Racing is customisable and brandable - from the size and layout of the track, the style and liveries of the cars, to the on-screen graphics. Of course, you may just wish to change the banners... The choice is yours. Make it your own.

Social media integration


Racing is a competitive sport, so you're going to want to share your win with all your friends! After each race, the results and an action photo are published on Facebook and Twitter. Using custom hashtags we can amplify your brand's social media messaging. Reach further.


Mind Controlled Racing?


Yes. Really. It actually works! We're happy to explain the science, but more importantly, this isn't just a technology demo - we've developed the concept into a fully polished gaming experience. Even our cars are fully autonomous intelligent units, this is no Scalextric track. It's good to be sceptical, that's all part of the intrigue we use to draw people in - and drawing a crowd is our goal.

Let us make a scene at your next event

We have flexible options for short or long term rentals, to suit your needs. Custom builds for experiential events are available if you’d like something a bit different, or on a larger scale. Got any Mind Control ideas? Our experts can help you create it. Just get in contact.

Mind Racing is a creation of NullMedia - developers of hardware and software solutions for the experiential marketing and digital signage sectors.